Treat Pot Books

One day a long time ago I was given this curious pot.

While wondering what to do with it, I heard the little voice of Titch, the house elf, call out: “It’s the Treat Pot ! “


I put that pot on top of the kitchen cupboard and it sat there for years and years - to the delight of the many children who peeked inside and found something delicious. 


Eventually those children  grew up and went to live in other places with their own children

and I became an old grandmother.


Once again I wondered what to do with that curious pot…… 

In a flash I had an idea !  


I”ll tell Titch to fill it with the stories those children have left behind. 

He’s the one who has seen and heard them all 

and he doesn’t forget  a single one

AND he wants to share those stories with all children near and far.


This is what he said: “Titch’s Tales are the tastiest treats you’ll ever hear.”


Welcome to Treat Pot books,

Margie Bruvel