Titch's Tales ~ First Series

Silk covered 5 Book Box Set 


Five Books Included;


Book 1 - Jacko

Meet Titch, his family, and his best friend Jacko, the laughing Kookaburra.

Jacko laughs at many things 

- but if he does something silly we laugh at him!


Book 2 - Lost Pets

Have you ever lost your Pet?

Well, Meg’s cat disappeared.

Mum couldn’t find Jim’s pup anywhere!

And then Bella’s dog Doushka had her puppies - and no one knew where!


Book 3 - Funny Stories

The Guinea fowls find Bella’s hat on the ground - is that a monster?

An emu scares Uncle - or did Uncle scare the emu?

Who is hiding in Patsy’s curls?

Is that Rosie and her kittens nestling in Dad’s PJ drawer?


Book 4 - Poor Sore Pets

Straw the canary couldn’t fly straight anymore,

Timmy the Tomcat came home with his fur off in patches.

Dolly the cow couldn’t get up off the slope! 


Book 5 - Olga and Klaus

Titch takes us to visit Olga and Klaus and we meet their pets  -  

Zee - Zu a cockatiel who flew away with the bush birds,

Pudding the pony who got stuck in the kitchen

and Minolo the dog with a very special tail.

Titch's Tales Box Set - First Series

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  • 5 Book Box Set - 

    Includes; 5 soft cover books packed into a silk covered box.

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