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Jacko - Book 1

Poor Sore Pets - Book 4

Lost Pets - Book 2

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One day a long time ago I was given this curious pot.

While wondering what to do with it, I heard the little voice of Titch, the house elf,

call out : “It’s the Treat Pot!”

I put that pot on top of the kitchen cupboard and it sat there for years  and years -

to the delight of the many children who peeked inside and found something delicious. 


Eventually those children grew up and went to live in other places with their own children and I had the delight of being the grandmother.


Once again I wondered what to do with that curious pot...and once again Titch came to my rescue!  

“ Let’s fill it with the stories those children have left behind” he said.

“I’m the one who has seen and heard them all - and I don’t forget  a single one.

AND I want to share those stories with all children near and far.

Titch’s Tales are the tastiest treats you’ll ever hear.”


Welcome to Treat Pot Books!

Stories inspired by the experiences of free range children

growing up on an organic home farm surrounded by native Australian bush

- just one generation ago . . .


. . . and a few tales told by generations of old.



Lost Pets

Funny Stories

Pore Sore Pets

Olga and Klaus


Dogs on the Hunt

Small Feathered Friends

Two Little Pigs

Little Creatures

Tales from the Olden Days


Best Friends

Bird Stories

Hypnotised and Mesmerised

Happy and Sad

Tales from the Very Olden days

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Margie Bruvel is a 5th generation Australian, probably of mostly Irish heritage so there were always a few people around who could tell a good yarn.  As a teenager she felt the hankering of her younger siblings to hear their own stories and she responded willingly.


When her own children came along she felt their stories oozing out of the bush where they lived and no matter how tired and story-less she felt after a long day of hard work, to her wonderment one of the children would drag out a story she did not know she had;  she  began to feel that perhaps she was just carrying around their bag of stories.


Years later when visiting family who had moved to France, Margie was beset by the demands of her young granddaughter’s insatiable appetite for stories from the homeland.  And even when it seemed the story bag was empty, young Isabella would manage to scrape out yet another. 


This remarkable demand led to the accumulation of dozens of tales which over the ensuing years were sort of categorised into themes    —   Lost Pets, Feathered Friends,  Two Little Pigs  etc. etc.  and  LO - TITCH’S TALES was born.  

Yes it was Titch, the house elf,  who inhabited the collective imagination...


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Margie is busy planning readings and Titch's Tales get togethers and a book launch, more info on the goings on soon.


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